"The design process is not complete until the tools are ordered". Until then, all parties involved can initiate improvements at any time. Consumer goods should sell thousands of times over, fulfil their function long-lasting, reliably and system-safe for as many years as possible. So it pays to think to the end at the beginning. Our design process is like a puzzle, a logical reasoning. We bundle, analyse, evaluate all the requirements for the new product and leave out as much as we can until there is nothing left to leave out. And nothing more to add!

Phase 1: Design study

  • 4 weeks
  • 3 versions

Three different versions are designed that show the client different directions. They differ clearly and interpret the manufacturer's specifications with different degrees of freedom. This is important to arrive at new results and move the manufacturer forward. Important to know: We work out creative freedom within the manufacturer's technical specifications! First comes the duty, then the free skating!

Phase 2: Design draft

The three versions of phase 1 are evaluated by all parties involved according to the criteria of marketing, design and production as well as manufacturing costs etc.. The preferred version is further developed in detail and adapted to any new requirements and findings. In the further elaboration and detailing, detailed ideas from the other two versions may well be adopted.

Phase 3: Implementation

Support of the product during the technical elaboration and production preparation by the client. Coordination of the design in the event of any changes. Design of product families, additional sizes or accessories.

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