In developing the super-flat Monospace pole-top luminaire for our customer Willy Meyer + Sohn, we broke new ground in terms of design and production. The result is a calm and reduced appearance whose proportions and details are maximally brand-forming. In high-quality architecture, outdoor luminaires must not take on a life of their own, but must be subordinate to it. For our customers, however, recognisability and independence are important. Monospace gains its uniqueness through absolute formal reduction in combination with innovative technical and design solutions. LED technology allowed us to design an extremely flat luminaire that simultaneously allows a multitude of lighting options in just one housing. An extremely recognisable, brand-building and sustainable concept.

  • Product
  • Area floodlight
  • Manufacturer
  • Willy Meyer + Sohn
  • Year
  • 2020
  • Service
  • Lighting design, product design, design engineering
Huhnsgasse 37
50676 Köln
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