Uwe Spannagel™ is an office for graphic design, industrial design and brand development based in the old town of Cologne. Since 1995 we have been working in continuous cooperation with our clients on their brand identity. We transform technical complexity into calm and beauty. The result is an elegant and self-evident product design, which is not only needed, but consciously wanted.

Our goal: The perfect product! We transform technical complexity into peace and beauty. Elegant and self-evident products are created, which one not only needs, but also wants to own.

Our way: Master the puzzle! The development of a product is highly complex. The most diverse requirements in terms of ergonomics, production technology, economy, marketing and aesthetics must be taken into account. The way to achieve this is like a jigsaw puzzle, slowly and steadily the solution emerges. Superfluous things are left out until there is nothing left out. And nothing more to add!

Our claim: Products are usually used in a larger context, the buyer and user wants to achieve a certain overall effect, e.g. in architectural lighting. It is also important to the manufacturer that his brand is recognisable. This is where no blatant design can help, but only the fine line between reduction and identity to create something new and unique.